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College students warned about Mexico travel

Posted by Andrew on February 26, 2009


The U.S. State Department and universities around the country are warning college students headed for Mexico for some spring-break partying of a surge in drug-related murder and mayhem south of the border.

“We’re not necessarily telling students not to go, but we’re going to certainly alert them,” said Tom Dougan, vice president for student affairs at the University of Rhode Island. “There have been Americans kidnapped, and if you go you need to be very aware and very alert to this fact.”

Looks like Mexico`s tourism industry is gonna take a hit thanks to all the violence going on down south, while the Caribbean and Miami should see a nice little bump in business. The violence down in Mexico is very serious and I hope it doesn`t spill over into the U.S.

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For my fellow Spring Breakers.

Posted by Andrew on February 13, 2009

If I were you, I`d cross Cancun off my Spring Break list.

Kidnapping, violence kill 21 in Mexico. From 2/11/09.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – A drug gang kidnapped and killed six people near a town in the U.S.-Mexican border region, prompting a series of gunbattles with soldiers that left 15 others dead.

Yup thats what I wanna deal with doing my vacation. Here is some more cheery news from our neighbors down South. This time from our friends across the pond at the BBC.

Cancun killings linked to cartels.

The bodies of a retired brigadier general and two other men have been found near the Mexican resort of Cancun after a suspected drug cartel killing.

The three, who were found dead in the back of a truck, were part of a protection team for Cancun’s mayor.

Authorities say they think the men were intercepted on a road near Cancun, then taken to a remote forest, tortured, and killed with a shot to the head.

Drug-related violence claimed more than 5,000 lives in Mexico last year.

That wasn`t the first time, that the Cartels and the Military fought.

Last but not least is this nice story, that really makes me wanna head down to Mexico A.S.A.P.

Over 200 Americans killed in Mexico since 04.

More than 200 American citizens have been killed since 2004 in Mexico’s escalating wave of violence, amounting to the highest number of unnatural deaths in any foreign country outside military combat zones, according to the U.S. State Department.

For everybody looking to head someplace warm for Spring Break, may I suggest

Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico

Playa de Luquillo in Puerto Rico

or maybe

South Beach, Miami

South Beach, Miami

and last but not least

A beach in the Dominican Republic.

A beach in the Dominican Republic.

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