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Happy Valentine`s Day

Posted by Andrew on February 11, 2009

I was playing dice with a friend in Hemlock Hall when the subject of Valentine`s day came up. We agree that Valentine`s day is a great scheme devised by women and Hallmark. Hallmark in its role as drug supplier, gets women hooked on its product and men end up on the corner buying the product to keep their junkies happy.

I`m sure if my girl read that she would object but we both know its true. Valentine`s day is not a holiday and I`m sick and tired of having to treat it like its Christmas. According to a quick search on Wiki, Valentine`s day gets its name from St. Valentine but became associated with love thanks to a little known author named Geoffrey Chaucer. After that the snowball kept rolling downhill and eventually an avalanche was formed.

Now to prove our love, we need to buy our women flowers, candy and take them to restaurants that love to mark up the simplest dish for the occasion. Its ok to ignore your loved one for 364 days, but lord help you if she doesn`t have flowers on her desk at work and all her coworkers have them. I love my girl very much. I love her for 365 days a year even though she hates my favorite baseball team and thinks Battlestar Galactica is for losers.

She will get her overpriced flowers and dinner (among other things), but as a man, what do I get besides the bill. I know she loves me as I love her but this “holiday” sucks. For a holiday based on love it sure seems one sided, while love itself is supposed to be a two way street. As a man it always sucks rolling snake eyes. It would be great if this upcoming occasion could be a little more balanced. I know all the women reading this are grabbing pitchforks and torches, while men everywhere are nodding in support from behind the safety of masks, but what can you do about it.

Valentine`s day may not matter much to me, but since it matters to my better half, I will gladly smile and make her happy since she deserves it. (All the while dreaming of the day where I can get some damn Hersey`s kisses, free food and tons of gifts.)

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