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Leave Phelps alone

Posted by Andrew on February 4, 2009



Mike lost a sponsor and was suspended

I could understand why Kellogg would drop him, but it boggles my mind, why USA Swimming would suspend him. He wasn`t taking a performance enhancing drug. They should stand by the man, who has done more for swimming than the bikini, and give him another bong. They should try and level the playing field for the other athletes. This PC nonsense drives me crazy.


A couple of weeks ago, news broke that Olympic superstar and American hero Michael Phelps, was caught on camera smoking out of a bong, at a college party in November. Since then, the superstar has faced fire from all sides. A South Carolina Sheriff is investigating whether or not Phelps smoked marijuana, and may face criminal charges. Phelps may also lose some of his endorsements, but at least the I.O.C. seems like they won`t punish him.

I don`t see what the big deal with this story is. Sure he is famous and sure he did something stupid, but at least he didn`t get caught driving drunk, killing an ex-wife or creating a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme. I thought all pot smokers were fat and lazy but we all know Phelps is nether. This seems like another case, where the public elevates athletes to heights rivaling Mt. Olympus, just so we can tear them down. I heard on talk radio, that a mother in Baltimore is scared that her son might smoke pot because Phelps did. Maybe, his mother should raise him herself instead of allowing the media to raise him.

If Michael Phelps broke the local marijuana laws (which are all retarded by the way, but thats a rant for another day) then he should be punished, but this should not be front page news. If Phelps were caught drinking out of a keg at the college party would he be facing the same backlash from the media? I bet he wouldn`t. Alcohol kills more people every than Osama Bin Laden and the Nazi army could dream of, yet a plant gets criticized. I don`t smoke Marijuana and I don`t plan on doing it, but why should we hop all over Phelps, when I`m pretty sure there was also under aged drinking at that same party.

We as a people, need to stop looking toward Athletes for inspiration and we should also get our priorities straight. Marijuana is bad, but under aged drinking is worse. If an athlete who makes his living using his lungs wants to endanger his career, I say leave him be. Let him smoke all he wants and drink all he wants because he is a grown man. If he keeps it up, it will come back to haunt him, in 2012 during the London Olympics and that will hurt far more, than whatever wrist slap South Carolina decides to give him.

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