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President Dillman needs to go.

Posted by Andrew on February 23, 2009

East Stroudsburg University Logo

East Stroudsburg University Logo

As chronicled in the Pocono Record here, here and here, ESU is having some image problems. Dr. Robert J. Dillman is the president of the university and is one of the people being sued because of Issac Sanders`s alleged misdeeds.  I am not going to get into detail about what Sanders may or may not have done because all the facts have not come to light yet.

As the title of this post says, I want President Dillman to go. He needs to take a long sabbatical someplace far away from East Stroudsburg. Pres. Dillman has survived two votes of no-confidence, but he needs to fall on his sword because of this scandal. The accusations of cover ups is a serious crime and I firmly believe it is not in the school`s interest to have him in charge during this crisis. If Dillman, and by extension the university, are innocent of the crimes they are accused of, then I would have no problem welcoming him back. Until such time as they are proven innocent, Dillman needs to go.

The school needs to clean house and allow investigators total access so that the scandal can be put to bed. Having Dillman remain as president while he is under investigation allows for the possibility that the investigation can be tainted. This school needs answers, no matter how bad they may be, and to get the answers it needs, Dillman needs to sit on the sidelines and let the process play out.

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