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Rihanna is Stupid

Posted by Andrew on March 15, 2009

Rihanna and Chris Brown preforming

Rihanna and Chris Brown preforming

I know that title is very crude and I`m sure I should be more sensitive to all the stuff thats going on, but Rihanna is an extremely stupid woman.

Now, I`m sure that folks reading this are wondering why I said that. I think Rihanna is extremely stupid because she went back to Chris Brown. Sure he hasn`t been convicted in a court of law, and I have no idea about what really goes on behind closed doors, but in my humble opinion she is stupid for going back to him.

Here is what I know. I know that Rihanna and Brown were in a car when Brown allegedly knocked her around. I also know that a picture of her after the beating leaked and she looked like she pissed off Mike Tyson. (Old 90s era Iron Mike before the rape and not crappy biting off ears Mike).

If I were her, I`d leave him in a heart beat. Whether he beat her or not is up to a jury of Brown`s peers to decide but I think it is extremely stupid to willingly walk back into the same situation. Everybody (except Rihanna) knows about that lovely cliche about fooling me once and I want to announce to the world that this is the last time I care about her. I was never a fan of her music but as a human being I was concerned about her after I heard the news.

Right now I don`t care. In my opinion, her going back to Brown is akin to me walking into a lion`s den wearing a steak jacket or reaching for my wallet in front of the NYPD after dark. If he beats her or makes her his wife, I no longer care. Any sympathy, I might have had for her ended when the rumors of her going back to him started. If the rumors are proved false, then I will gladly take back anything I said about her, but until then I don`t care.

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