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Video from the Protest

Posted by Andrew on February 26, 2009

Here are some videos that I shot during the day`s protests. As I mentioned earlier, the protest was very peacefully and orderly. Attendance was pretty good as well and their was a variety of people there.

Here is Dr. Nancy Van Arsdale speaking on the quad.

Here is Dr. Allan Benn

Gov. Ed Rendell speaking to the students inside the new Science and Technology building. I had a problem with my batteries so I missed a couple of seconds of him talking and the video is in 2 parts.

Click here to see the pictures of the protest that I took.


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College students warned about Mexico travel

Posted by Andrew on February 26, 2009


The U.S. State Department and universities around the country are warning college students headed for Mexico for some spring-break partying of a surge in drug-related murder and mayhem south of the border.

“We’re not necessarily telling students not to go, but we’re going to certainly alert them,” said Tom Dougan, vice president for student affairs at the University of Rhode Island. “There have been Americans kidnapped, and if you go you need to be very aware and very alert to this fact.”

Looks like Mexico`s tourism industry is gonna take a hit thanks to all the violence going on down south, while the Caribbean and Miami should see a nice little bump in business. The violence down in Mexico is very serious and I hope it doesn`t spill over into the U.S.

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ESU Protest

Posted by Andrew on February 26, 2009


I got tons of pics and a bunch of video. Right now Youtube is going extremely slow so I`m gonna start off with the pictures and I will post the videos as soon as I am able.

Here is a link to my Flickr set.

Here are a couple of quick thoughts on the protest. This was easily, the most peaceful protest I have ever seen. Nobody did anything stupid and everything went extremely well.

It was also extremely polite for such a touchy subject. Governor Ed Rendell also did a great job in my opinion. In my humble opinion, the Governor really did not need to take time out of his busy schedule and address the student body. He really didn`t  say much, partly because of the open litigation and also because he didn`t have all the facts in hand, but he did a good job in comforting the student body. It was also nice that he addressed us first since we did interrupt his scheduled press conference.

The faculty of ESU also spoke to us and as a student it is great to see that our teachers care about this touchy subject as much as we do. Dr.  Benn did a great job addressing the students and didn`t dance around the subject. I can imagine that it would be tough, speaking out about your boss in a public environment and Doctors Van Vanarsdale and Benn as well as Prof. Nash deserve alot of credit for speaking out on our behalf.

All in all, it was a very uneventful day and hopefully, the powers that be are more forthcoming in the future and we won`t need to protest anymore alleged cover ups.

EDIT: The Pocono Record just updated their site with a story on the protest and Chancellor Cavanaugh gives his official statement.

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President Dillman needs to go.

Posted by Andrew on February 23, 2009

East Stroudsburg University Logo

East Stroudsburg University Logo

As chronicled in the Pocono Record here, here and here, ESU is having some image problems. Dr. Robert J. Dillman is the president of the university and is one of the people being sued because of Issac Sanders`s alleged misdeeds.  I am not going to get into detail about what Sanders may or may not have done because all the facts have not come to light yet.

As the title of this post says, I want President Dillman to go. He needs to take a long sabbatical someplace far away from East Stroudsburg. Pres. Dillman has survived two votes of no-confidence, but he needs to fall on his sword because of this scandal. The accusations of cover ups is a serious crime and I firmly believe it is not in the school`s interest to have him in charge during this crisis. If Dillman, and by extension the university, are innocent of the crimes they are accused of, then I would have no problem welcoming him back. Until such time as they are proven innocent, Dillman needs to go.

The school needs to clean house and allow investigators total access so that the scandal can be put to bed. Having Dillman remain as president while he is under investigation allows for the possibility that the investigation can be tainted. This school needs answers, no matter how bad they may be, and to get the answers it needs, Dillman needs to sit on the sidelines and let the process play out.

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Gas Price Saver

Posted by Andrew on February 22, 2009

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What is ESU driving?

Posted by Andrew on February 20, 2009

To answer that very important question, I decided to do a very unscientific survey around the parking lot next to our new science building. I found that General Motors is very popular around here followed by Ford with Honda being the 3rd most popular brand.

A chart of all the cars parked at ESU.

A chart of all the cars parked at ESU.

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Pennsylvania to receive nearly $1.53 billion for infrastructure

Posted by Andrew on February 16, 2009

From the Pocono Record.

State officials will be required to set priorities for spending the funds, while managing competing pressures from communities, watchdog groups and federal regulators over how the money is allocated.

Under the plan Obama is expected to sign into law early this week, states will divide $27 billion to build and repair roads and bridges. That is less than half the $64 billion in projects states told the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials late last year that they had ready to go.

Its too bad that the big P.A. cities (Philly, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg) will take all the money, because the roads I drive on everyday to get to work and school need a ton of work. It would also be nice of PennDOT could finish the Marshall`s Creek bypass, so Route 209 could actually be drivable during the summer.

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Posted by Andrew on February 15, 2009

Virtual rape game banned by Amazon

In Rapelay, gamers direct a character to sexually assault a mother and her two young daughters at an underground station, before raping any of a selection female characters.

The game was intended for release just in Japan, but was on offer to British buyers through Amazon Marketplace, the section of the online store’s website open to third-party sellers.

But Amazon has now withdrawn the game after complaints from users, deeming it to be inappropriate. “We determined that we did not want to be selling this particular item,” a spokeswoman said.

If it wasn`t for Amazon picture in the link, I would have thought a game like this would be a joke. Whoever thought a game like this was a good idea needs to be shot immediatly. I`m not usually a fan of censoring video games or going on about the evils of Grand Theft Auto, but this game is wrong and should have never seen the light of day.

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Review of Afro Samurai “Resurrection”

Posted by Andrew on February 13, 2009

Afro Samurai Teaser Image

Afro Samurai Teaser Image

*Originally printed in the Stroud Courier*

Afro Samurai is brainless, extremely violent, and doesn’t have much of a story, but it’s one hell of a ride.

Afro Samurai “Resurrection” is an anime mini-series that premiered on Spike TV and will hit DVD and Blu-Ray on February 3.

Just like the first Afro Samurai mini-series, this is a revenge flick, but instead of Afro being the one on the quest for vengeance, he is the target. The villainous Lady Sio wants to torture and kill Afro for his past crimes with the help of her brother Jinnosuke and various other pieces of cannon fodder.

At the beginning of the movie, Afro has found peace and tried to stop fighting, but thanks to the number one headband (it marks him as the best fighter), he is a constant target for assassins. Sio devises a plan to dig up the remains of Afro’s father and bring him back to life, just to torture him in front of Afro and then kill both of them.

After that, there is a ton of fighting and bloodshed. Eventually, Afro’s father is turned loose on Afro and Afro has to kill him.

Afro Samurai is pretty light on story, but it’s big on style. It is very sharply animated with beautiful scenes of a futuristic wasteland feudal Japan, in addition to very fluid character animations.

Each character has a very memorable look, from Jinnosuke`s teddy bear helmet to Sio`s emotionless eyes, and the title character’s afro, which sways with the wind and sometimes looks like a flame.

In addition to the beautiful animation, the musical score by the Rza shines brightly and adds to every scene. The soundtrack can evoke tears and then an instant later make you want to grab a sword and fight ninjas. If his production for the Kill Bill movies was him running, the soundtrack for Afro Samurai is him flying.

Afro Samurai “Resurrection” is like driving a Ferrari on the autobahn with a foot firmly planted on the gas and a favorite song on the radio. It’s a fast paced tour de force that will monopolize the audience’s attention and is terribly entertaining.

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For my fellow Spring Breakers.

Posted by Andrew on February 13, 2009

If I were you, I`d cross Cancun off my Spring Break list.

Kidnapping, violence kill 21 in Mexico. From 2/11/09.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – A drug gang kidnapped and killed six people near a town in the U.S.-Mexican border region, prompting a series of gunbattles with soldiers that left 15 others dead.

Yup thats what I wanna deal with doing my vacation. Here is some more cheery news from our neighbors down South. This time from our friends across the pond at the BBC.

Cancun killings linked to cartels.

The bodies of a retired brigadier general and two other men have been found near the Mexican resort of Cancun after a suspected drug cartel killing.

The three, who were found dead in the back of a truck, were part of a protection team for Cancun’s mayor.

Authorities say they think the men were intercepted on a road near Cancun, then taken to a remote forest, tortured, and killed with a shot to the head.

Drug-related violence claimed more than 5,000 lives in Mexico last year.

That wasn`t the first time, that the Cartels and the Military fought.

Last but not least is this nice story, that really makes me wanna head down to Mexico A.S.A.P.

Over 200 Americans killed in Mexico since 04.

More than 200 American citizens have been killed since 2004 in Mexico’s escalating wave of violence, amounting to the highest number of unnatural deaths in any foreign country outside military combat zones, according to the U.S. State Department.

For everybody looking to head someplace warm for Spring Break, may I suggest

Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico

Playa de Luquillo in Puerto Rico

or maybe

South Beach, Miami

South Beach, Miami

and last but not least

A beach in the Dominican Republic.

A beach in the Dominican Republic.

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