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Review of Afro Samurai “Resurrection”

Posted by Andrew on February 13, 2009

Afro Samurai Teaser Image

Afro Samurai Teaser Image

*Originally printed in the Stroud Courier*

Afro Samurai is brainless, extremely violent, and doesn’t have much of a story, but it’s one hell of a ride.

Afro Samurai “Resurrection” is an anime mini-series that premiered on Spike TV and will hit DVD and Blu-Ray on February 3.

Just like the first Afro Samurai mini-series, this is a revenge flick, but instead of Afro being the one on the quest for vengeance, he is the target. The villainous Lady Sio wants to torture and kill Afro for his past crimes with the help of her brother Jinnosuke and various other pieces of cannon fodder.

At the beginning of the movie, Afro has found peace and tried to stop fighting, but thanks to the number one headband (it marks him as the best fighter), he is a constant target for assassins. Sio devises a plan to dig up the remains of Afro’s father and bring him back to life, just to torture him in front of Afro and then kill both of them.

After that, there is a ton of fighting and bloodshed. Eventually, Afro’s father is turned loose on Afro and Afro has to kill him.

Afro Samurai is pretty light on story, but it’s big on style. It is very sharply animated with beautiful scenes of a futuristic wasteland feudal Japan, in addition to very fluid character animations.

Each character has a very memorable look, from Jinnosuke`s teddy bear helmet to Sio`s emotionless eyes, and the title character’s afro, which sways with the wind and sometimes looks like a flame.

In addition to the beautiful animation, the musical score by the Rza shines brightly and adds to every scene. The soundtrack can evoke tears and then an instant later make you want to grab a sword and fight ninjas. If his production for the Kill Bill movies was him running, the soundtrack for Afro Samurai is him flying.

Afro Samurai “Resurrection” is like driving a Ferrari on the autobahn with a foot firmly planted on the gas and a favorite song on the radio. It’s a fast paced tour de force that will monopolize the audience’s attention and is terribly entertaining.

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