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Review of Hip-Hop concert at ESU.

Posted by Andrew on February 8, 2009

On February 6th, I got to listen to a free concert at the Common Grounds, which featured the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good in this case was Sinister Sev. He had a unique flow and a great stage presence. Glaccius was the bad. His flow and lyrics were generic, but at least he managed not to put me to sleep. The ugly without a doubt was G.A.C. The only positive about that performance that I can think of is that the beats were decent.

Sinister Sev was without a doubt the best performer of the group. He didn’t have the biggest entourage or was the first name on the poster, but he still managed to steal the show. The first thing you notice about a rapper is his flow and his voice and delivery was top notch. He managed to switch up his delivery between fast and slow and his voice didn’t overpower his lyrics. His stage presence was also extraordinary as he held the sparse crowd’s attention throughout his short set. Out of all three performers, he was the most polished and his songs were more interesting to listen to. Everybody else’s songs blended together so much that it felt like I was listening to one giant song, so the variety felt like a breath of fresh air.

Glaccius was the headliner of the show and his stage presence was decent but overall he was pretty bland. His beats were nothing special and he didn’t command anybody’s attention. As with all music, an artist’s voice can manage to save a horrible performance. Alicia Keys can sing names out the phone book and still hypnotize the crowd. Method Man can rap about Klingon history and still make you feel like you didn’t waste your money. Glacises voice is not in the same league as the two aforementioned artists. I have heard some of his music on CD and it is much better than the stage show that I witnessed. Another problem I had with Glaccius is one that I also had with G.A.C.

As a fan of Hip-Hop, I am used to hearing rappers brag about all the money they have. While that annoys me, I can accept it and move on. This free concert was held in a coffee shop on a Pennsylvania University not named Penn State or Temple and was attended by fifty people max. With that in mind, I do not want to hear anybody rap about how much money they have. I do not want to hear the words, Lear jet, beach front villa, Moet, or a dozen other words, I heard come out of G.A.C and Glacises mouths. When they started with the clichéd money rap, I automatically dropped their grades.

G.A.C. was the worst rap, I have heard in a long time and I’ve listened to everybody from Vanilla Ice to Nashawn the Millennium Thug. Leaving aside the money rap, they had no redeeming quality. Their stage show was a mess, as they had six men on stage and only two microphones. Four of them were standing around doing nothing and the two with the microphones might as well have joined them. The best phrase, I can use to describe them is paint by numbers. As with athletes, Glaccius looked like he needs little tweaks to put his game together and advance to the next level. G.A.C. on the other hand, looks like he should not quit his day job.

Video of Sinister Sev performing.

A picture slideshow of the concert.

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